Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ginger Bread House Making Party

Last year Liz hosted a ginger bread house making party and everyone brought along 2 different candies to share.  I thought it was a cute idea!  Since she moved we decided to host it this year.
The night before we assembled the houses.  We used graham crackers and the Royal icing with the Meringue powder.  That stuff hardens and that's what will hold the house together.
Here is the link to the recipe, it's really easy to make.

Here everyone is getting down to business...
 Poor sick JJ!  He sat at the bar so he wouldn't get anyone else sick and we brought him some different candies.  But he only lasted about 5 minutes and then he had to go lay down.  I saved his stuff but he never finished his house.  

 Mackenzie was so cute!!!  After we were done making her house and I got up to take some pictures she decided she wanted to add more... just so cute!

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