Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tanner's Christmas Party

This year the preschool did their Christmas party a little different.  This year 1 adult was allowed to come and participate with their student.  They had a couple different stations set up and we could walk around to each one.  They made an ornament for the tree, decorated cookies for Santa, drank hot chocolate, had lunch, made reindeer food, watched a Christmas movie, wrote a letter to Santa, got a Christmas Tattoo and sticker, made a paper chain to count down the days left until Christmas and wrote a letter to Santa.
 Tanner loved it! 
 Santa only stopped by for a short time.  When we went to the letter writing station I asked Tanner if he wanted to write a letter to Santa he said "why?  he's right there!" and points to Santa1  LOL!  It was pretty funny!  And so true, why do you have to write him a letter when he's right there and you can just tell him what you want.
Left - Tanner with two of his buddies, Caleb and Peyton.
Right - my friend and her son, Jessica and Caleb

 Me and my little Tanner-man!!!
 Most of Tanners class and 2 younger siblings and 2 other helpers...

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