Friday, December 21, 2012

Jayden's 1st Grade Holiday Party

I was able to into Jayden's class for his Holiday party!  It was a lot of fun!

First they did their reindeer craft so it would have time to dry before they went home.  The kids loved it!
 Then we played some games.  We did a pass the snowman, like hot potato.  
 And we did a Hershey kiss game where the kids had to wear oven mitts and open as many Hershey kiss as they could in one minute.  Jayden did great at this game!  He was the only one who opened 2 kisses!  Way to g buddy!!!
And we did a freeze dance, when the music stopped the kids had to melt to the ground.  They were so cute dancing!  And I was really surprised to see Jayden dancing!  Way to go buddy!
I had of course taken a few other pictures that didn't involve Jayden and sent them to the parents of those kids and sent them to their teacher.  Jayden told me that Mrs. Coulehan put them up on the white board and showed the class all the pictures and they loved them.  She even sent me a thank you card for emailing the class the pictures.  So cute!

When we got home from school I let Jayden eat some of his candy that he got in his goody bag from the party.  He threw it all up!  ughh!  And that was the start of him being sick most of his Christmas break!  He had a fever the next day and most of break too. 

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