Sunday, June 10, 2012

Giving Money As a Gift

My cousin graduated high school and is going into the Navy, so we just gave him money but this is how we did it...
I sort of combined 2 ideas that I found on Pinterest.  We taped $1 bills together and rolled them over a straw and put the straw in a red plastic cup (because it sort of blended in with the gumballs), put the cup inside a container of gum balls, used a lid from a big container of yogurt (and we just gave him the real lid so he could properly close the gumballs later) cut a slit in it to pull the money threw and we also put a piece of construction paper of the lid then a bow around it to also help hide the little bit of cup you could see at the top.  We wrote "don't blow it all in one place" on the top and "pull here" to the piece of construction paper that we attached to the money.
When my cousin took it out of the bag he said "oh, gumballs."  Then we told him to read it, he did and pulled it out and said "oh a dollar." Then he kept going and started to laugh.  We thought it was a cute and fun way to give money as a gift.

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