Friday, June 8, 2012

Mackenzie is 1!!!!!!!

My little princess is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!  I love this little girl so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I took pictures of her all day long just to get the perfect shot!  But the best ones were when Daddy came home and she smiled so big and cute for her daddy!!!!!  She sure loves her daddy!!!!

I think Mackenzie is so smart!  She's not walking yet and the boys were walking at 10 months, but it's okay.  She has time and she's my baby!
I remember when the boys first started standing in the crib they would scream for me to help them down, but not Mackenzie!  She knows how to fall on her bum and get down from standing.
If she stands at the end table and sees something on the other side that she wants, she gets down and crawls around to the other side to get it.
She knows that a hair brush is for combing her hair and tries to comb her hair with it.
When she sees my sandals on the floor she'll get one, bring it over and try to put it on my foot.
She can sign "more" and "please".  The other day when I asked her if she was all done eating she signed more please.  And when I give her more she smiles so big and is so proud of herself for communicating with me!  It's so cute!!!!
She loves to sit on the counter tops and loves baths!!!  All I have to do is walk in the bathroom with her and she starts laughing with delight!!!
The girl can kick!!!!  She's always had a strong kick!  When I lay her down to change her diaper she gets real mad and kicks real hard, it hurts if she gets you!  And if you pick her up and she doesn't want to be picked up she kicks really had and fast!!!
When I'm getting her dressed, if she's not mad that I'm dressing her, she'll switch hands if she's holding something so I can put her arm through the sleeve of her shirt.  I have never even told her to do it, she just does it!!
Of course there are so many more things she does that I just think are so smart and cute!!!!
She loves when we say prayers and she folds her arms and at the end when we say "amen" she throws her hands out and yells with a huge smile!!!!  I never even told her to fold her arms yet, one day she just did it!!!
She's very good at copy the things we do.  She'll give us her baby doll and we'll put it on our shoulder and pat it's back, give it back to her and then she'll put it on her shoulder and pat it's back.  Just so cute!!!
She blows kisses and waves.  If I tell her to say "good-bye" she'll blow a kiss.  She used to wave, but now she blows kisses.  And when we say "good night" and "I love you" she blows kisses!
When she's poopy and I change her diaper she waves her hand in front of her nose like saying "pee-you!" because that's what I do and now she does it.  So cute!
This girl just seems so smart to me for her age!!!  And she's so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!  I just adore and love her so much!!!!!!!!
Happy first birthday to my little princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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