Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More of Our Family Photos

For whatever reason I had a brilliant idea to hurry and run down to the beach to try and get some better family pictures.  Mackenzie is normally really happy in the morning and just maybe she'd smile for some.  So we hurried and ran down to the beach to try and get some.  In our hurry Jayden ended up wearing a pair of Tanner's shorts instead of his.  They fit him just fine in the waist, they were just too short, oops!  Good thing he stood behind us.
But boy it was hot!!!  It was only 9:30 am and like a 100 degrees and humid out, a heat wave for June!
And that little Mackenzie, I don't know if it was too close to her nap time or what, but again, she was slightly miserable!!
Here were the best two...

 Well, so sorry to drag Liz out, but she did get some cute ones of Dave and I.  I still need to edit a few of my favorites.  (boy I am so behind, other things keep coming up that I want and need to do.  It's really July 26th that I'm posting these.  And if you think I'm far behind on the blog, I still need to do my blog book from 2010, yeah I'm behind!)

 I love the hand pictures did!  One day I will frame one and Hang it up!

 I saw a similar picture on Pinterest (after this one was taking) where their hands were against their hips and part of their hips were also in the picture, I think I really liked that one too!
 And maybe the holding hands would be cool if she could have stood on a ladder and gotten our whole body shadows or something, kissing maybe?  :)  But I still love it!  I love holding hands!!!!

 And Liz took these cute silhouette shops that I enhanced in Photoshop, although I'm thinking of going back and making my hips smaller.
 I can't decide which crop I like best, one's an 8x10 and the other is what I used for my facebook timeline.  And I love the picture so I put them both on.  However, besides making my hips and love-handles smaller I may go back and lighten us a little bit more, so you can see a little more detail in the clothes.  I did make it so it wasn't totally all black, but I think it's still a little too black... hmmm... I need to think about that one...

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