Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stephen, Cheryl and Kalaela Pictures

Each night at the beach house each family took a different night to cook.  The night we did the group picture was Stephen and Cheryl's night, so after the picture they went back to cook.  So this day, we went down to the beach to attempt to get some family pictures of them.
While they were getting ready I just snapped some pictures of Kalaela just sitting in the hallway of the house and this is one of them...
 There are some more pictures, one's of their feet and such, I was waiting for Cheryl to tell me her favorites before I just edited away, it takes time to edit pictures and I have lots and lots of crafts and other things I'd like to do.  So I thought I'd just edit the ones she really liked.  However, I got tired of waiting (after she was busy getting her house ready to sell because they are moving) so I chose a few to edit, but there are more that I will do later.  Some cute ones of their feet and more.  Anyway, here are a couple...

 Now... I see all these cool edits other people do to photos, and I love them!  And I do have a few actions downloaded for Photoshop that will do them, but for some reason I don't like them when I do them.  I like nice clean, clear, crisp edits.  However, I do just love the way other people edit photos.  I guess it will just take time for me to like them when I do them.  Anyway, Cheryl really liked this, it's called the "Nashville Effect" and so I just thought I'd post it in case anyone else did.  I know I'm posting the same picture twice, but it's not just black and white, it's the Nashville Effect.  :)
 We saw this cute idea on Pinterest with the picture frame.  So we tried it...

 Notice how in the photo below the frame and them are both in focus?  Yup, that's Photoshop, I had to combine 2 different pictures to do that.  They were actually so far away from me I don't know how you would actually get them both in focus.
I took so many pictures in this pose. They were dancing and I just held the shutter down on continuous shoot.  When I played them back on the camera and held the arrow down to scroll through the pictures you could see them dance, it was so cute!
 It would be fun to do this frame idea again, but pay more attention to the little details, like the angel of the frame to the horizon and them, and so much more.  Looking at it after the fact, I can see so many things I should have paid attention too.  I guess I'm in such of a hurry to get the shot, I feel bad making the people wait that I don't take the time to pay attention to the small stuff.  Hopefully one day I will learn to slow down and that it's okay if they have to wait a minute.
Aww!  I love holding hand shots from the back!!!!  If only my butt were as cute and little!

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