Saturday, October 6, 2012

Black Angry Bird Pizza

My Children love black olives (Mackenzie was crying in the bottom picture because we told her she couldn't eat an olive just yet)!!!  So I decided to make them the black angry bird, since it would almost  be all olives.
I took a frozen pizza and cut a little bit off of it to make the the piece that sticks up.  I cut the piece I cut off into 2 pieces and put them together to make the piece that sticks up.
I just carrot slices for the eyebrows.  White and orange american cheese for the circles and beak.  I used cooked turkey burger for the gray areas.  I put the turkey burger under the white circles of the eyes because I wanted it to be the same height as the rest, but I probably shouldn't have done that because it didn't look so white after it was cooked.

The kids sure loved their olive covered pizza! 

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