Saturday, October 27, 2012

Staus Annual Halloween Party

After we picked our pumpkins (see my previous post for those pictures) we headed back to Becky and Ralph's for the party!
We first had our mystery dinner.  Everyone was given a menu and told to order 2 items...

And then the first 2 items were delivered and you could order 2 more items.
Carolynn didn't have any utensils to eat her "Possum Guts" with and all JJ and Austin ordered were a spoon and a knife, I don't remember what they were called, maybe the wizard and firebolt.  Then JJ ordered a mummy and dragon eye, he wasn't too keen on his food looking spooky.
 Dave helped his parents serve the food.  While we were waiting for our food we could drink some "Elf Tears" or some punch, sorry I forget what the called the punch.  Becky had frozen some green ice in a glove so there would be a hand in the punch.
As always we all enjoyed the fabulous mystery dinner!!!
 Next it was time for the game.  Ralph based it off of Harry Potter, which I'm sorry I never read.  So those that did read it were the team captains.  And each team was given a clue and had to follow them all over the house and yard.  One clue was inside of a gator bottle that was tied to the fence around the pool and the bottle was on top of the pool cover and we had to fish it in, it was pretty cool.
At the end each team found a broom.
 While we were running around outside Mackenzie and Kalaela played inside...
Next we carved our pumpkins!

How cute is pappy's pumpkin?
 Becky tried an experiment this year with the pumpkins, the kids really enjoyed it.
And Cheryl really wanted to put Kalaela in a pumpkin...

Then we put Cozette in it and she really did not like it!
 Then Mackenzie, and she just wanted to sit down in the pumpkin and she was so mad when we took her out of it.

Kalaela was making some cute faces at her Uncle Dave, rather I think she was copying his faces.  It was so cute!

Mackenzie sure loves her daddy!!!
Thank you Becky and Ralph for another awesome Halloween party!!!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness... how much fun!!! You have some amazing in-laws if I do say so myself.


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