Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dress and Shoes

A friend, Jessica, made this beautiful dress for Mackenzie!!!  Don't you love it?
I just need to find some purple tights.  The tights I put on her were off white, but with the dress they look really white!  However, Mackenzie just loved the dress!

In the picture below Mackenzie and I were running around the house and meeting up and yelling "boo" she just loves to do that!  Then you turn around, run the other direction and meet on the other side.  It's so fun to do with her!!  So this is her saying "boo!"...
Here are some pics of her wearing the purple shoes I made her...

Sorry, but the white looking tights with the dress was bugging me a bit and I didn't know how well it really looked (I'm so not use to this dressing a girl thing) so I did change her dress.  She wore the purple shoes to church and then her boots after church when we went outside to run around.
So here she is after church feet her baby doll.  She loves to pretend to feed her doll or us.  She'll dip the spoon or fork into the bowl and then walk around till she finds Dave or I and saying "ahhhh" so we open our mouths and she feeds us.  What a cute little bug she is!!!

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