Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trunk or Treat

We had our ward trunk or treat and the kiddos couldn't wait to go!  Mackenzie loves her giraffe costume!  It was given to me with some clothes.  I have a giraffe costume the same size that Tanner wore, but this one is much nicer and more "real" the one Tanner wore was yellow and orange.  Anyway, when I got the costume bin out Mackenzie grabbed the giraffe and giggled and growled!  She just loves it!  And when I put her in the van and she saw her self in her mirror (because she still faces back and I have a mirror on the back of the seat so I can see her) she growled!  It was so cute!
 I had bought this dino/dragon costume at the tag sale a few years ago for really cheap thinking JJ would want to wear it, but he never did.  Luckily Tanner loves it!!!  And he's so cute in it too!!!
Jayden didn't want to wear a costume.  He cried and cried!  So I got him to put on his Halloween t-shirt and he said he'd wear a Superman cape and the Spiderman gloves.  However I did bring his costume along in case he'd change his mind when he saw everyone else dressed up, but he didn't.  Later he told his Uncle Andrew that he didn't want to wear it because it had a mask to go along with it and you weren't allowed to wear masks at the trunk or treat.

Pappy with Mackenzie and Tanner
The Staus House

The Donly's
Sharon and Kids
 They did face painting this year, which was pretty cute.  Of course my kiddos didn't care for it, but Brody and Kara got their faces painted...

And my boys favorite game, basketball!  And they both got it on their first or second try.  And Tanner especially loved this game because Rhett was in charge of it!  They sure love their cousins!
 They had to guess what body part was in the bowl...
 Throwing wet sponges at people...

 Jayden got behind there and let people throw wet sponges at him!!!!
And he did the donut game!  But he told me later he didn't like that his face got all sticky and he went to the bathroom to wash it off, which is totally fine.  I'm just so glad that he did it!

The Houghtalings, aren't they so cute?

Most of the kids, some were still in the haunted house.
Trunk or treating time...

 When we got to Pappy's truck Mackenzie wanted to stay.  So I let her sit with her Pappy for awhile while I ran around taking pictures of some of the trunks.  However, I missed the trunk that was really decorated nice!  I don't know how I missed it and I'm sad I don't have a picture of it because it was pretty cool.  Well, and because I was able to get some family shots, they were covering the decorations of their trunks.

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