Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Power

I had read about some friends on fb, baking brownies and stuff to have when the power goes out.  So I did the same, I baked some brownies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (and it was a brownie that I ate that started my tummy hurting all over again!  ughh!  it was awful!)
And I tried really hard to stay on top of washing dishes and counters because when the power went out I couldn't really do that without running water.
I was a little exhausted by night time.  So Dave made the chocolate covered Oreos for the boys classmates for Halloween (will be in next post).  While he was working on it the power kept going off for a minute them coming back on.  And a couple minutes after he finished the power went off and stayed off a little after 11 pm.  And with it being so quiet we could really hear the wind whipping around outside.  I heard the Allentown area, where my parents are, about 45 minutes east of us had winds that measured 90mph!  Craziness!  I think we only had about 60-80 mph.  Dave heard something fall or fly off the house, after the wind calmed down a bit, grabbed a flash light and went outside and saw the coupler (I think is what Ralph called it) and little maybe 2ft by 2ft square cap thing that goes on the top of the roof, it's a square thing that sticks up and has vents to let air flow in the attic or something.  So Dave put a tarp in the attic to catch any water till the morning when he temporarily fixed it, the best he could do without power.  And luckily that was really all the damage we had!
So we played games with the boys for awhile and they played with legos and we just a great time!  We also go to try some MRE's we had bought in the spring and they weren't too bad.  Dave had eaten them on his hike with Andrew on Memorial Day weekend.  So we plan on ordering some more for food storages.  We don't get the dehydrated ones, because you have to add boiling water.  We got the ones that you can eat cold or warm up.  And Dave warmed them up on the grill.
 I also sat down and burned some of the edges on the silk circles I cut out a couple days ago to make some more silk flowers.
Dave's parents had power so we asked if we could come and get showers and they invited us for dinner as well.  Polly and Mike had also lost power but got it back about 1-ish.  And since it was starting to get cold with no heat, we have 2 coal stoves but they need power to run!  The kids and I then slept at Polly's house and Dave wanted to stay with the house.  Which was good because the power came back on about 5:30am, just in time for him to start the coal stove and go to work.  Jayden had a 2 hour delay so after I dropped him and Carolynn off at school, Tanner, Mackenzie and Kolin (because I was watching him, and Tiff brought him to Polly's house) returned home to a semi-warm house.  And quickly got ready for Tanner's Halloween party at preschool and ate a quick lunch.
So in all we only lost power for 30 hours which is great!  There were people without power for days!  And I think some didn't have power for over a week!

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