Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready for the Storm

We had lots of warning with Hurricane Sandy.  We knew for days it was coming and were told to be prepared to be without power for a few days.  We have a well pump, so no power means no water for us.  So I filled almost every cup we had that had a lid with water, and some pitchers.  Despite what we have in storage.  All though we don't have much in storage because we also have a hand pump that filters water and Dave thinks he's gonna go across the street and pump water.  But if I'm home a lone I don't want to run across the street to pump water and leave my kids in the house.  So what harm did it do to fill some containers of water.  I also filled our washing machine (we still have our top loading machine from 11 years a go when we got married.) and I filled some buckets for flushing toilets.  I thought Dave would say I was crazy when he came home, but he then filled our big cooler of water and the bath tub.  The thought had crossed my mind but I thought I had done enough already.
We did loose power and we did use most of the buckets of water to flush toilets and I did drink most of this prefilled water.  Normally I drink 80-100oz of water a day.  But I cut back when traveling or when the power goes out so I don't have to go potty so much.  But knowing I could flush toilets because I saved plenty of water, I didn't worry.  Plus I had some stomach issues this week and had to drink extra water to flush out whatever was making my stomach hurt so bad.  I think I have IBS, I have thought so for awhile.  But then a little bit ago after I drank a huge glass of my milk, like 30-60 minutes after, my stomach hurt so bad!  So then I thought Dairy.  But I had taken my dairy pills and my stomach just started hurting real bad after eating some sweets and junky kind of food.  Oh, it hurt real bad!  So now I'm back to thinking it's jus IBS and I read that drinking tons of water can help.

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