Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

When we found out JJ was going to have crazy hair day we talked about coloring his hair and he was super excited about it!!!  I had read on Pinterest about getting sidewalk chalk wet and using that color hair.  JJ wanted red, blue and green.  I got the red in and as I was doing the blue I let him look at it.  He got really upset and wanted it washed out!  He did not like it and started crying.  There was no convincing him.  So before we washed it out I asked him to let me take a picture.
 However, Tanner let me put the blue-ish color in his hair and he loved it!  He even went to school with it in and asked for me to do it again the next day, but I told him had to wait until Halloween.
What a cutie!

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