Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Craft Activity Days

We made these cute pumpkin jars for our Halloween craft with our Activity Day girls.  I was really surprised that we finished it on time!
All you need for this craft are glass pickle jars big enough for the girls to put their hands in (or you mod podge the outside, but I prefer it on the inside), orange tissue paper, black construction paper, mod podge and a brush.  We had asked sisters in our ward for some jars, we had the construction paper, mod podge and brushes so we only needed to buy 1 pack of orange tissue paper which cost on 99 cents!  I had some green streamer paper that I cut in half and the girls used for the top, but you can paint it if you wish.
Sorry I didn't take a close up picture of one of them.  But you can go here to the tutorial and see some close up pictures.
 I had  made an example the night before and mine was dry, but the ones the girls just made were not dry, that is why you still see some white.

I went back and took some close up pictures of my pumpkin...

I have some battery operated tea lights in the one on the right.

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